Virtual Classroom System Project Java

Virtual Classroom System Project Java 


Virtual Classroom Java Project Abstract

Virtual Classroom System Project JavaWe all grown up with the Traditional class rooms and knows very well about advantage and disadvantage. But in the modern era people do distance learning from the big university because of the increase level of the market competition. So these big university use virtual class room where teachers and student really not exist but student take advantages of the studies. Basically Virtual Classroom System Project Java bases on the online interactive room. Teachers give their lecture through videos or through live lecturers online. It provides collaborative learning to their clients.

Virtual Classroom System Project Java has the functionality to student register online and gets id and password for future use. Student can select the subject for reading their notes and videos. Student can also check their exam sheet and results online and in now modern system Student gives their exams from their native place and find quick results.

Proposed System

There is some key feature which is developed in the new Virtual Classroom System Project Java.

  • Rich user interface
  • User friendly
  • Access the information much easier and fast
  • Store all the information in big database.
  • Authentication is the best feature of this system; no one can access information if it is not an authorized person.
  • It is access over internet.

Virtual Classroom System has the ability for chat for discussion their problem with the teachers and other students which is very beneficiary for the student .Travelling over the long distance problem removed by the virtual class room and travelling cost decreases. Student can log in from their home by the internet.

But most important thing that for accesses the virtual class room, computer has to necessary software, browser and internet connection.

Virtual Classroom System is not only a big advantage for the students but also good for the teachers. Now teachers can do part time work because of the flexible timing of the virtual class room. Teachers have to time to respond he queries in best possible ways. They have more flexibilities  to prepare material , material is not print media. It can be electronic media which can be prepare from anywhere by their laptops. Frequently updates are required in virtual room for ease of the student and teachers.

Number of modules can be in virtual classroom System 

  1. Online registration for students
  2. Online registration for teachers
  3. Virtual training
  4. Exam portal
  5. Downloading section
  6. Uploading section
  7. Chat room
  8. Search system

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