Unix programs in Shell with Source Code

Unix programs in Shell with Source Code


Unix programs in ShellHere is the list of most common Unix programs in Shell with Source Code for Students who are beginners to unix shell programming. Every code is provided with source code as well as program output, also you can download the code from the download button on every page. Unix is basically a kind of interpreter which interpret commands given by you to unix system. Its interprets and then print output to the terminal after executing those commands.

Unix shell codes posted here are shell script programs which you can compile in Unix terminal by naming file with .sh Extension. 

How to use these Unix programs in Shell ?

Copy the Unix programs in Shell code and paste in a file in unix, Now compile this file as shell script file. After that run the compiled file from unix terminal.

How to Compile The .sh File ?

You can Compile your Shell script file(Unix programs in Shell) by following these Steps :

Copy the code and paste the code in a file named with .sh Extension.

Now go to your unix terminal and go to the directory where you have created this .sh file.

On terminal give command 

Now file is compiled …you can run this shell script program by giving this below Command:


List of Unix programs in Shell with Source Code


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