Payroll Management System Java project

Payroll Management System Java project


Payroll System problem Statement 

If  we depict  the present scenario of  whole  world,  then  it  is  not wrong to say  that   we  have  made  out  life  fully  or  partially  computer  dependent.  With  the  introduction  of world   wide  website  i.e.  internet,  this  dependency  has  further  raised  to  a  drastic  level.    

       Payroll Management System Java projectBut,  looking  at  the  brighter  side,  it’s  needless  to say  that  they  have  made  our  life more   countered  and  comfortable.  Any   sector  or  organization,  whether it  is  banking  or management,  their  work  power  can’t  be  imagined  without  computers  and  internet.     

       And   with   the   introduction   of   Payroll Management System Java project,   this  department   has strengthened  their  approach  in providing user  friendly  services.      

       In   this   project,  we   will  try   to  prepare  a  very  similar  image  of   Payroll Management System Java project.  We   will   use  java language  as   a   front-end   and   structure   query language  for  maintaining  the  database. The  project  is  described  as  below:-      

       On   entering   the   system,  one  will  face   one   window  namely  main menu for Payroll System and this window have a menu bar and toolbar. Menu bar have some item as file ,employees, tools, reports and tools. If we select the file then it has a one option quit for exit the system and employee has three option add employee, edit employee and delete employee. Tools has two option one for settings other for employee pay slip. Toolbar has some shortcut as quit, add employee, edit employee, delete employee and some other types as run time components.    

Designing of Payroll Management System Java project

We have to design Payroll Management System Java project should be like with these features:

  • Payroll accepts employee days ,hours of works
  • It generate a ledger
  • It generates total payment of particular employee.
  • It also generate cheque of the employee
  • It generates salary slip of the employee.
  • It generate gratuity of the year.
  • It should maintain total convenience.

Hardware & Software Requirements

 Hardware used

  •  Intel Pentium
  • 128 MB RAM
  • SVGA Color Monitor on PCI with 1MB RAM
  • 101 Keys Keyboard
  • 1 Microsoft Mouse with pad

Software or Platform Language Used

Language: Java

OS: Any OS such as Windows XP/98/NT/Vista

Database: MS Access.

Using basic payroll data, together with data on attendance and hours worked, Payroll Management System Java project can provide a wealth of reports. This allows in-depth analysis of staff costs for the business as a whole, across departments and even individual jobs and contracts. Most organizations will also keep other data about employees, such as records of annual leave. This type of information is usually associated with the broader human resources function. You can get payroll systems that will record these additional types of information, avoiding the need for a separate software package. The ability of payroll packages to provide forecasts means you can plan staff costs and budgets by entering hypothetical numbers to see the exact total cost of an employee.

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