Library Management System Project

Library Management System Project 

Library Management System Project Description 

Library Management System ProjectLibrary Management System Project is very popular project among students to develop. We have daily relationship with the library weather we are in college and he office. Manually library system is a headache and very time consuming. Now a days people use smart phones for quick search and boots their daily routine then why our library system are so old. For his entire problem Online Library Management System is the only solution. This Abstract is written for Library Management System Project Developing in java. There are many Online Library Management System developed in the past but with their drawbacks because of the poor programming.

Drawbacks of  Past Project System

  1. It has Fast entry  is not possible
  2. It has Fast transaction is not possible
  3. It has Database is not large enough for containing all information
  4. It has Less user friendly
  5. It has Poor graphics

New Library Management System Project  in Java

  1. It has Good user interface
  2. It has Fast database creation
  3. It has Large database for maintain
  4. It has Fast transaction
  5. It has Less employee workload
  6. It has Fast searching system
  7. It has fast report generation


For understanding Library Management System Project we have to know what the main working of the Library is so we can develop exact user interface for the system. This system developed as there are two main client a receipt/student and a employee/issuer. There is entry panel for save all the details of the student with all contact information. Database has all the book’s details maintained in the library.

When student wants to search a particular book the get fast aces their column and row number in the panel. This feature saves the time of the students. When a student wants a book’ the issuer checks its availability on the system. If it is available issuer grant the permission and access the details of the student as well the book.

Now issuer stick a mark to the students table in the database for granting he book and also maintain the day details when his book will be back.

When a student did not return the book it pop up the alert for delay and if the student returns the book issuer removed the mark from the student profile and gets back the availability of the book in book profile. This system has also to generate report for the entire database in it.

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